Creating Spaces for a

Better Tomorrow

We believe what is good for our planet, is good for our business. While we transform spaces to create value for your business, we are continually and sustainably committed towards protecting these spaces.
Sustainability is seamlessly aligned with our core business, just as it is with our social responsibility.

We are committed to the use of sustainable technology and environmentally friendly materials, as we shift towards green industrial and logistics parks. Our green achievements that include growing tree plantations at sites, using energy efficient materials in construction and reducing our energy consumption, reflect our commitment towards sustainable growth.

Because what is good for our planet, is good for us. Sustainability is not a trend for us,
it is our core responsibility.

Sustainable goals drive long-term spaces

Land is why we exist. It nurtures the spaces that help us grow our business, as well as yours. Hence, protecting and promoting sustainable use of this land forms the core essence of our social responsibility.

Our corporate social responsibility programs are aligned with the United Nations Development Program’s (UNDP) sustainable development goals (SDGs). With our primary focus being protecting the planet and responsible consumption, we have crafted our CSR programs in accordance with two SDGs:

Responsible consumption and production (SDG12)

Life on land (SDG 15)

We believe in joining hands with the communities around us, so together we can protect our lands. Our CSR intent is focussed towards community-based projects in fostering a positive impact on the environment.

Promoting community-based waste management

The first step towards sustaining the land begins with responsible waste management, along with growing the green belt around our sites.

We have started CSR initiatives around our industrial and logistics parks with the intent to implement and create awareness about waste management.

As a pilot project, we are currently working towards impactful changes in two villages in Chakan, near Pune. To ensure a decentralised waste management system and 100% segregation of waste at source, we are following a three-tiered approach.

Our key solutions

  • Behaviour change
    communication sessions

  • Processing and recycling
    of the waste

  • Outreach through contact
    programs and media

Within the year, with increased awareness and individual ownership towards this cause, we aim to benefit 2900 households in Mhalunge and Bhamboli villages near Chakan.

Indospace Inaugurates Material Recovery Facility (MRF) & Composting pits

Under its CSR initiative ‘Swachh Sundar Chakan’ cleanliness drive across Bhamboli and Mahalunge villages, we inaugurated the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and Composting pits in both villages on 16th & 17th January 2020.

Our initiative aims to sensitise villagers through awareness, outreach programmes & providing assets for a community-based waste management program.

Such assets like the MRF, Composting pits help to segregate the waste generated in the villages & put it to productive use in the form of compost & recyclable plastic material.

The segregated wet waste can also be converted in Biodigesters to produce biogas. The gas is then used for cooking mid-day meals in local schools and Anganwadis in Mahalunge and Bhamboli.

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