Environmental Responsibility

The industry benchmark for environmental and safety features

We have set high standards for environment and safety.

We ensure that our impact on the environment is minimized by continuously upgrading to higher ecology standards by embracing new technology. We regularly review specifications & revive designs for a positive impact.

All our facilities meet statutory requirements and fulfill environmental responsibilities by incorporating open spaces, tree plantations, and maintaining existing soil conditions.

Water runoff is minimized and ground water is recharged through rain water harvesting systems. Existing water bodies are retained.

Our building designs promote the use of non-hazardous and recyclable materials to minimize environmental impact. They are energy efficient, with a high proportion of materials that optimize energy consumption.

T5 lighting fixtures help increase energy efficiency. Buildings feature sky lights made of high end, poly-carbonate sheets that transfers natural light and less heat, which reduces dependency on electrical power during the day.

Innovative passive ventilation building design eliminates dependency on mechanical ventilation, thereby reducing power consumption.

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