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IndoSpace & Aptiv | World Quality Week 2022

IndoSpace & Aptiv | World Quality Week 2022

Safety and Sustainability standards are most critical for an organization to attain excellence in quality.

Listen to Amitabh Mathur, President and MD of Aptiv India and ASEAN, discuss the importance of quality in the automobile industry.

A word with Mr. Amitabh Mathur – President and MD, Aptiv India and ASEAN

This World Quality Week, Amitabh shares Aptiv’s experience as a customer at IndoSpace Industrial and logistics parks. When asked about the importance of quality, Amitabh stated that the attention to quality in their business is crucial as Aptiv deals with the production of highly sensitive products, and negligence on this part can adversely affect people’s lives. This focus on quality is why Aptiv decided to partner with Indospace in the Pune industrial area.

Amitabh went on to talk about how the employees appreciate that their workplace safety is being taken into consideration at the IndoSpace premises, and how IndoSpace’s philosophy in providing sustainable and greener solutions also coincides with that of Aptiv’s.

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