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  • Warehousing and Logistics Post Covid-19

    The warehousing and logistics sector was in a good space before COVID-19.

    Published By : CW Design Build

    Dated : 26 June 2020

  • IndoSpace Core raises 1,000 crore loan

    IndoSpace Core has announced that it has issued an `1,000 crore green loan facility from HSBC

    Published By : Cargo Talk

    Dated : 10 June 2020

  • COVID CRISIS Unprecedented role of warehousing

    Warehouses are an essential component of supply chain which are mostly operational amid the lockdown,

    Published By : Cargo Talk

    Dated : 11 May 2020

  • Why India is Betting on Big Storage Sheds

    Warehousing is slated to boom post covid-19 as e-commerce grows and manufacturing shifts out of China

    Published By : Mint

    Dated : 05 May 2020

  • Celerity in Business Through Supply Chain

    WHAT. WHEN. WHERE-HOUSE. The art & science behind designing and developing new age warehouses suited to meet the needs of tomorrow.

    Published By :

    Dated : 11 March 2020

  • Cargo Talk

    Vol.: XX Issue 4; March 2020

    Published By :

    Dated : 04 March 2020

  • Best Warehousing Space Developer

    Share with us your opinion on the warehousing space market trends for the progressive year, estimating the relative growth and demand potentials

    Published By : Everstone

    Dated : 24 February 2020

  • A national warehousing grid will be a massive step towards modernising the logistics network of our country: Rajesh Jaggi

    To effectively integrate the highly-fragmented warehousing market in India, a ‘national warehousing grid’

    Published By : Cargotalk

    Dated : 13 August 2019

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