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About IndoSpace Development Management Private Limited

With our inception in 2007, we revolutionised the industrial & logistics real estate space and created a billion-dollar modern warehousing industry, as it stands today.

With over 3 billion USD in investment, we are the only developer & investor with state-of-the-art facilities at key locations across India and are consistently growing.

From being an industry leader in India to having global competencies, we are committed to our leadership position.

Our partnership with GLP, one of the world’s largest developers of logistics real estate and a global investment manager, enables IndoSpace to provide global expertise and network, and the latest designs and technologies for efficient, custom-built facilities for our clients.

Our award-winning parks have consistently set the benchmark for the industry in terms of quality, services, sustainability, and governance.

Over the last decade, our dedication to best practices has won us recognition and awards from around the world.

Not surprisingly, IndoSpace is the partner of choice for leading multinationals and progressive Indian companies looking forward to expanding their footprint.

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