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5 global trends transforming the warehousing industry

5 global trends transforming the warehousing industry

Warehousing industry

Critical global trends are shaping the way the warehousing industry is competing worldwide. From technological innovation to smarter processes & systems, overarching transformation is enabling the warehousing industry to continue providing greater value.

Key supply chain and logistics trends have also allowed for comprehensive tracking of all assets within the warehouse via integrated systems. The expansion of artificial intelligence and IoT devices has introduced greater efficiencies within the warehousing domain, enabling enterprises to expand across regions.

Enterprises focusing on optimizing delivery time

Warehousing companies are looking at new ways to enhance delivery times while ensuring that there is no reduction in the quality of delivery. This is being executed by leveraging cutting-edge technological resources, enhancing delivery networks on-ground, and managing warehouses via leading processes.

Warehouses are optimizing their batching, handling, and picking processes, in order to meet demand more efficiently. Processes are being reoriented towards greater optimization by experimenting with critical batching and handling strategies.

Reverse logistics is also a growing area within the warehousing domain, requiring significant resources in acquiring, storing and re-shipping key orders. Enterprises are focusing on reducing the burden on traditional warehouses by opting for more agile models that offer greater control to local storage houses.

Greater demand for logistics parks

Modern logistics parks have allowed companies to expand across key locations while maintaining greater control over all operations. From technological integration to the access to key resources, all functions within the organization are connected through intelligent logistics parks. Logistics parks are also being developed under a built-to-suit model to meet growing requirements efficiently.

The leading industrial real estate (India) logistics park benefactors including IndoSpace are focusing on empowering companies looking for integrated warehousing parks. By optimizing key parameters, such as location, technology, infrastructure and connectivity, the leaders in the space of industrial parks are enabling businesses to grow seamlessly.

Leveraging integrated warehouse management systems

Enterprises are witnessing increasing benefits by opting a comprehensive warehouse management system. Integrated dashboards provide a depth of real-time data about the processes, the assets and the performance of the resources within. Warehousing is significantly optimized when a warehouse management protocol is initiated within core operations.

Additionally, new technologies such as smart tracking, chips, IoT readers, and AI-enabled processing etc. have empowered employees to be more productive. As enterprises move towards greater automation, employees are leveraging sophisticated technologies to ensure faster delivery time, within a more integrated system.

Rental warehouses for short-term demand

Large enterprises within the e-commerce, B2B manufacturing, and retail industry are leveraging sophisticated short-term rental warehouses for seasonal demand management. It’s allowing companies to remain agile when demand rises for key assets, without compromising on quality of handling and storage.

Companies are also looking at region-specific models that offer warehouse spaces for rent in order to meet local demand for specific projects. These modern warehousing models give greater flexibility to expanding firms while providing key infrastructural capabilities comparable to leading offerings. Companies are also optimizing their delivery time via these local warehousing units.

Shift towards greener practices

Warehouse enterprises are shifting towards greener business models in order to reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources. They’re focused on creating sustainable competencies that allow clients to reduce cost of operations long-term. In the following video we show how IndoSpace takes its role as a leader in the industrial real estate and warehousing industry seriously by using green eco-friendly construction practices such as rooftop solar systems, EDGE, IGBC-approved infrastructure and different resource conservation measures. This enables us to set the benchmark in developing eco-friendly parks for our clients.

Warehouses are also investing in energy efficient equipment, installations and fixtures, to ensure optimal utilization of power. New warehouses are being developed with recyclability as a key goal, to ensure a more sustainable supply chain model for large organizations.

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