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Driven by innovative practices for sustainable environment

Sometimes small steps need to band together to take a giant leap in transformation.

We have taken that leap in the form of an initiative built on our pillars of taking sustainable action for impactful change to society and the environment.

This initiative will assemble all our vision and resolve towards our ESG goals.

Under one banner.
We call it,

It is time for action to speak louder than words.

IndoSpace’s Concept towards Sustainability

IndoSpace is on a resource-conserving expansion journey. As market leaders, we aim to set an instance for every company in this business to imbibe the principles of environmental sustainability, social embodiment, and genuine governance. Initially, we had moved to ‘green’ warehousing and blended various environmental-friendly features into our facilities’ design, sourcing, construction, and management. We set a distinct benchmark in green financing in India on our recent closure of INR 10 billion (approximately USD 135 million) ‘green’ loan from HSBC. To make our facilities self-sufficient in energy, IndoSpace has decided to invest abundantly in renewables. All our new expansions and acquisitions will conform to the sustainability standards based on our extensive portfolio of EDGE- certified ‘green’ buildings. Our parks in Luhari are the first projects in India to be accredited with the prestigious IGBC Platinum Rating for the Logistics Parks Category.
People trust IndoSpace because we follow a sustainable approach and meet ESG commitments. By always delivering value, it has helped us maintain long term connections between the organisation and its people and the society. Our policies match regulations and international standards set by IFC and the World Bank. It formulates the processes, operations, stakeholder management, and employee conduct at IndoSpace. We maintain our sustainability approach through a cross-functional management structure, field-level implementation teams, and established mechanisms for tracking, oversight, and audit.
Apart from business objectives, setting societal goals also forms an integral part of our goal setting. We owe our existence and success to the land, and protecting it is our duty. IndoSpace fulfils its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by promoting sustainable use of land. A lot of thought is put into waste management and towards increasing our green belt across sites, to reduce our impact on the environment. We also form associations with the communities around us to work together towards the betterment of society.

Sustainability serves many of our customers too. In today’s, environmental-centric world, many businesses have made sustainability a core goal. By choosing us as their industrial and logistics real estate partner, they come closer to achieving their sustainability and environmental goals. We are constantly investing and upgrading our facilities so they have a lower carbon footprint. Additionally, we are building opportunities for operational management, with advantages over cargo handling, traffic operations, storage utilisation, energy usage, and employee performance for our customers with strong sustainability-focus.

Businesses today are largely affected by new legislation, rules and trends pushing for more environmentally-friendly industries. As part of our warehouse logistics solutions, our real estate setup can adapt to new changes rapidly so clients always adhere to the norms. IndoSpace readjusted with several clients in the e-commerce space witnessing its growth during the global pandemic depicting our successful adaptation and flexibility. Our operations and processes persisted unhampered, and the essential services could maintain their operations from our parks easily without restraint. 

Technology Driven Operations

Our vision of sustainable spaces is fueled by advancements in technology. We believe in customer centricity and come up with innovative ideas to serve their needs. Our planning, design and implementation activities are integrated with technological innovations to deliver the best product offerings.
We have successfully implemented ‘smart sensors’ and e-bikes, use of customer-facing applications for facility management and crisis communication. All of this is possible using our unified technology platform comprising Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Cloud, Mobility, and Analytics. Through automation, we have achieved better turnaround time, intensified productivity, and compliance monitoring. IndoSpace is continually upgrading and embracing technology changes for enriching customer experience and assuring efficient operations.
Sustainable Spaces

Environmentally Responsible

IndoSpace was one of the few businesses that indulged early in green warehousing. Since then, we have been continuously integrating sustainable practices in our business operations. We utilize strategic locations, prepare more conforming building design and construction methods and make productive use of resources.

Environmental Responsibility

IndoSpace was one of the few businesses that indulged early in green warehousing. Since then, we have been continuously integrating sustainable practices in our business operations. We utilize strategic locations, prepare more conforming building design and construction methods and make productive use of resources. The whole plan is to continue reducing our carbon footprint by implementing rooftop solar systems, natural ventilation designs, green material selection, water savings, and much more. 

IndoSpace is committed and known for building best practices and undertaking a resource-conserving expansion journey. We have contributed to the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7 and UN SDG 13 for climate action – ensuring access to affordable, secure, sustainable, and modern energy for all.

IndoSpace is a Founding Member of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). IndoSpace Logistics Parks are the first projects in India to be recognised and certified with the prestigious IGBC Platinum Rating (Logistics Parks Category) for demonstrating global leadership in green building parameters.

We have also been the first company to be awarded the esteemed ‘Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies’ (EDGE) certification for our parks. The energy savings must be within 48-57%, water savings within 41-61%, and lesser embodied energy within 61-63% to qualify for EDGE certification. We have also received a green building certification by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for our emerging markets. The share of IndoSpace’s recognition also includes being the first company to receive Advanced Level Certification for the Warehousing Real Estate Category in India.

Environment Compliance Report

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  • IndoSpace follows best practices to comply with all the statutory requirements for project development and the operation of its facilities including Environment and Pollution norms as per governing rules and regulations. Adhering to the conditions of Environmental and/or Pollutions Consents accorded to our parks, we have made our Environment Compliance Reports (ECR) available on the website for perusal by relevant government organisations.

Social Capital

IndoSpace is working together with communities for greater self-reliance and unlocking their potential.  As our network spreads across the nation, we wish to leave a lasting impact on the communities we touch. It starts with improving their standard of living, health and hygiene, and ability to live sustainably.

Right from the beginning, IndoSpace has undertaken several CSR initiatives. Working towards economic development and the overall well-being of local communities is crucial to our ESG vision and commitments. Supporting communities in everything we do, is what we work towards continuously. Supporting communities in everything we do, is what we work towards continuously.

Sustainable waste management program in Chakan.

The Swach Sundar Chakan, our earliest waste management program, aligns with the Government of India’s Swachh Bharat Mission. We executed the program for two villages in the Chakan region (Pune, Maharashtra). We also have our most considerable foothold in these two regions. This program aims at bringing about a behavioral change in the communities, in terms of responsible consumption, waste reduction, and segregation of waste at source.

The outcomes achieved at Chakan were highly positive. Our implementation partners assisted us in conducting productive diligence, monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment. We have decided to continue working with our local communities at two more of our flagship locations – Luhari in Haryana and Oragadam, near Chennai in Tamil Nadu.

Project Unnati is our waste management program at Luhari Gram Panchayat in Haryana where we are working towards setting-up waste management infrastructure. Through this project, we intend to directly impact 2000 households.

Taking our girl education initiative forward, IndoSpace has been providing support to Avasara. Avasara is a progressive school that works with schools in Mumbai’s low-income areas to help girl students financially. These girls are worthy but stand the risk of dropping out due to financial pressures. Avasara works closely with its partner, Teach for India, to recognize and grant scholarships to exemplary girl students.

Social Impact Activities


IndoSpace has corporate policies, processes and operations that are comprehensive, fair and exhibit integrity. This is an outline of our effort to expand sustainable spaces for our people and the environment. We undertake a precise, responsible and transparent way to serve our valuable clients.

Our corporate governance management team is headed by our Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, and Vice-Chairman, who ensure the policies framed are never compromised. The team is also supported by the Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS) Committee, Investment Committee, Sexual Harassment Committee, and Internal Audit Committee. 

Internal Audits & Risk Management

Internal audits are conducted at periodic intervals to secure adherence to applicable company and governmental regulatory and statutory requirements. It also helps us identify if there are any deviations.

Our Vice-Chairman, Group CFO, Managing Director Asset Management, and Managing Director Strategy & Planning form the core leadership team of IndoSpace’s Internal Audit Committee. The purview of responsibilities for this department also includes risk management, compliance, regulatory oversight, and other governance activities.

Code of Conduct

IndoSpace has a set of standards and boundaries that we are all bound to operate. It is called our code of conduct. It governs and monitors our ethical behaviour across all operations and interactions with various stakeholders. Our code of conduct covers care and dignity, ethics, insider trading, third-party intermediaries, anti-bribery, corruption, environmental, and social aspects.

The Compliance Officer leads the compliance management system that constantly administers the adherence to the code of conduct.

Our policies include:

If you have any questions about IndoSpace's Code of Conduct Policy, or if you have any concerns, please contact us at:

XXXXXXXX@indospace.in | +91 XX XXXX XXXX

Suppliers & Contractors

The scope of our ESG policies is not limited only to our organization. It extends and includes hundreds of vendors and suppliers and every other person we closely work with.

The evaluation system at IndoSpace begins with the Contractor Selection and Evaluation Checklist. The checklist covers aspects related to safety, gender equality, availability of policy guidelines for child labour, POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment), WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), and the availability of any grievance redressal system.

Additionally, during the selection process, we conduct an Environmental & Social (E&S) performance evaluation and prioritise compliance with regulations. IndoSpace also runs programmes to imbibe safety messages amongst our vendors and suppliers at all sites. We conduct a half-yearly contractor review to ensure no rules are compromised.

Suppliers and Contractors


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Sustainability Report 2022 - 23

Sustainability Reports

Environment Compliance Report

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