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E-commerce Warehousing: 4 Best Practices To Ponder

E-commerce Warehousing: 4 Best Practices To Ponder

E-commerce warehousing

E-commerce warehousing is amongst the fastest-growing segments of the Indian logistics sector and is making significant contributions to the growth of the economy. Internet, business-friendly government policies and smartphone penetration are just a few factors that have led to the growth of the e-commerce warehousing segment in India. However, recent years have witnessed the rise of new e-commerce startups and the entry of foreign players in the supply chain of India. This has made the market more competitive. Therefore, it is imperative for the e-commerce warehouses to adapt to the changing technologies and work more efficiently to stay ahead in the competition.

Here are a few practices that the management of e-commerce warehouses need to ponder upon:

The top warehousing companies in India such as IndoSpace are exploring the technologies to enable clients to benefit from automation efficiencies. That’s where the adoption of AI plays a pivotal role as it provides incremental advantages to all firms leveraging the technology. Enterprises across e-commerce, technology, retail, automobile, and manufacturing are experiencing significant benefits from the adoption of AI-enabled warehouses.

The return policy should be efficient

An effective return policy is an important step in the success of an e-commerce warehouse. It is unlikely that customers will want to buy products from an e-commerce warehouse which does not have a return policy or it is inconvenient for the people. One of the first steps that shippers or the management of e-commerce warehouses need to take is to have a hassle free return policy .The return policy should be flexible, free without charges for pick-up and the refund should be made within a stipulated time with information about each stage being shared by the e-commerce company.


Barcodes play a crucial role in the overall success of the e-commerce warehouse. It is important to know where your stock is. A proper barcode system will help you track packing, shipping, returns, replenishments, labour among others. Since you will know where each item is placed in the warehouse, your order processing will be more accurate and effective.

Incentives for warehouse employees

A conducive work environment is the key to the success of an e-commerce warehouse. Unfair treatment, discrimination or excessive work pressure will demotivate the employees which in turn will affect the e-commerce warehouse performance. Therefore, management should implement an incentive-based programme. Providing employees with a secure work atmosphere and rewards for outstanding work will ensure productivity and efficiency which will help in the growth of the e-commerce business.

Fast Turn Around of Orders Placed

If the customers have to wait endlessly for their orders, then they might lose faith in the e-commerce company and look for alternative channels to full their need. Thus, one should have an efficient delivery process in place and deliver the products to the customers as early as possible. Many of the top-ranking e-commerce companies have adopted the two-day delivery time to fulfill customers’ orders quickly.

E-commerce warehousing is a highly competitive field and to stay ahead in the competition, it is important that the management should implement employee-friendly policies like investing in training programs, making safety of employees a priority, listening to the grievances of the employees, having a flexible workforce etc. Practices that are beneficial for both employees and customers will go a long way in increasing the productivity of the warehouse.

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