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How to Make Your Staff Feel Safe about Joining Work Post COVID-19

How to Make Your Staff Feel Safe about Joining Work Post COVID-19

Warehouse safety during covid 19

Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath is probably one of the biggest business challenges across the globe. To cope up with the situation effectively and minimize the risk exposure to employees, most of the companies have adopted new strategies that have left their factories, offices, stores, and other facilities relatively empty. Amid escalating economic mayhem, executives are significantly guarded in their outlook. The top management bears the prime responsibility of treading ahead through the disruption cautiously. The course of taking the staff from crisis to recovery might not be an easy one. However, with the right strategies and course of action in place, things can be made better.

The reopening of businesses, in no way, assures that there’s no risk now. In the absence of adequate safety measures in place, businesses, especially the ones where workers are in close proximity to each other such as warehouses in Pune or any other city are at a high risk of exposure to COVID-19. Additional precautions or sanitation options aren’t enough; workers must also be made to feel safe. Having a clear and well-laid out procedure in place can go a long way in establishing the employees’ trust that they are being looked after well, even during this tough time. Below-mentioned are some of the steps that can help in this regard:

Defining policies:

The coronavirus pandemic has been toughest to navigate as those who have it might not show any symptoms while others who are diagnosed might end up having life-threatening symptoms. One of the best things an organization can do is to define policies and set up rules so that everyone is on the same page and feel safe. For the workers to feel completely comfortable about re-joining work, organizations must in still confidence in employees to make them feel that policies devised are in their best interest. In the following video we show how the IndoSpace facility management team has taken proactive measures to assure clients of safety during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as how our clients’ words of appreciation keep us motivated.

Including the Employees in Process

When employees feel valued and included in the process, they are more likely to follow the policies being devised. While setting guidelines is a must, soliciting suggestions and feedback from the employees will help establish a better understanding of the types of challenges they are faced with and make them feel more involved with their surroundings. They must also know the reason behind the implementation of all the changes.

For instance, in warehouses on rent in Pune, once the process to be followed is decided, including how to implement more social distancing norms, create more distance between pallet racking, revise the picking process, etc., let your employees know the reason behind the changes. This helps them understand the purpose which is to make them feel safer after they resume work.

Implementation of Government and Medical Guidelines

Irrespective of the changes you wish to execute, it is important to reference state and central government guidelines. Although adhering to the WHO guidelines might not be the easiest thing to do, staying assured that your policies are in line with the official recommendations helps clear all confusions and encourage workers to abide by them.

Remember that we are all living a scary reality and adjusting to the new normal might take some preparedness. But it’s all worth it in the end to stay safe and help the employees feel more secure and comfortable as they return to work. To ensure park continuity during covid-19, IndoSpace has taken several initiatives to ensure the safe resumption of business activities.

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