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Indospace Logistics Parks and warehousing provider recognised for Its Sustainable Initiatives by GRESB
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Infra growth to fast track supply & demand

Infra growth to fast track supply & demand

With strategic planning and long-term focus, government’s initiatives act as a catalyst to growth of the industry of warehousing and logistics. Developing and connecting national highways, road infrastructure, rail and ports will lead to seamless movement of goods for domestic consumption and EXIM cargo,” says Rajesh Jaggi, Vice Chairman, Real Estate, The Everstone Group.

How has 2022 been treating IndoSpace? Tell us about your most recent inventions and breakthroughs.

The COVID crisis exacerbated the world’s problems and slowed the already sluggish Indian economy. It had a huge effect on India’s industrial and logistical sectors as well as the country’s general macroeconomic situation. However, 2022 has been helpful for Indospace, and we’ve kept up our steady expansion rate.

Additionally, the National Logistics Policy (MLP) was introduced, which has been useful in speeding the adoption of industrial and logistical infrastructure throughout India. In order to invest Rs 3,000 crore in the industrial areas of Karnataka  over the following seven years, we have inked an MoU with the state. In order to increase our presence throughout all of India to 51 million square feet, we opened new industrial parks in Chennai, Delhi and Bengaluru. Major tenants from all over the world have been welcomed to our premier industrial and logistics complexes in India.

Future focal areas for us will include environmental sustainability,and we are already moving in that direction. We have used our unified technology platform to install smart sensors and e-bikes in our parks.

The government’s initiatives to develop NHs, logistics, road infra, and dedicated freight corridors were appreciated. How do you foresee the future of the industry?

The country’s expanding supply chain and growing demand will be accelerated by the infrastructure development. The government’s measures can stimulate the industry’s growth with strategic planning and a long-term focus. National roads, road infrastructure, rail, and ports will be developed and connected, allowing for the smooth circulation of the nation’s commodities for both domestic consumption and EXIM cargo.

This infrastructure will shorten the time to market, increase reliability, and increase visibility throughout the supply chain. With such a potential for consumption, it is anticipated that the need for storage and warehousing would increase. The future of the sector is promising, as indicated by a few reports that forecast a growth trajectory over the following years.

What are the most important metrics that track your services’ success, while serving a particular customer?

The goal of IndoSpace’s quality management systems is to build the greatest Grade A warehouses possible. We make sure that every phase of construction is finished in accordance with the strictest requirements and quality control standards. To make sure that every one of our services satisfies the demands of our renters, they are meticulously designed and monitored. Here are a few crucial actions done to give them access to top-notch warehousing facilities.

● Internal audit module with strict requirements to guarantee 100% compliance.
● Daily quality inspections are performed by teams of site engineers with professional training.
● Modern software that guarantees quality assessments.
● By sometimes collaborating and interacting with the government for factual clarification, we make sure that our clients always adhere to regulatory standards.
● We promise minimum failures, decreased downtime, and operational efficiency of our clients’ assets through our technical and maintenance services.
● To improve the safety and security of our clients, their belongings, and operations, we conduct safety drills and testing.
● We regularly update our operating modules to keep current with the most recent standards and tools.

Facility management has assisted IndoSpace in maximising its usefulness, sustainability, and safety-related features through interdisciplinary operations. Our clients are able to focus on their main business activities due to our hands-on approach and first-rate customer service. By implementing cutting-edge technology in facility management services, we have built a contemporary logistics ecosystem that will help our clients operate more effectively.

How crucial is the role of technology in warehousing? Do we have trained drivers and skilled labourers to facilitate the same?

Technology developments enable parks to satisfy increased consumer demands, adjust to shifting market situations, and work to increase environmental sustainability. The adoption of Grade A warehouse infrastructure will cause an increase in the implementation of automation and robotics technologies. Process automation helps to boost production, eliminates manual labour, lowers human error rates, and makes up for seasonal demand cycles easier.

Using sensors and computerised trackers, Indospace keeps tabs on items and equipment moving outside the park’s perimeter. Aside from this, we employ digital technologies to streamline transportation and monitor park-wide consumables like water and energy. IndoSpace parks use Internet of Things (IoT) technology to create and manage Smart Park infrastructure with internet-enabled intelligent technologies.

Drones are another tool we use to provide real-time information to our clients and monitor progress. The foundation of IndoSpace has always been technology, and it will play a significant role in our future success.

What are the strategies you are planning to devise to perk up the company’s operations for efficiency in business and network enhancement?

Our goal is to deliver top-of-the-line facilities that are compatible with environmental regulations and backed by cutting-edge technology. We are integrating the most up-to-date design and sustainable solutions into our buildings to support businesses in operating effectively, from rooftop solar panels to natural ventilation designs to green material choices and water saving.

In order to meet the demands of many industries, IndoSpace strategically places their parks. This enables complex planning across areas, routes, and means of transportation, making it simple to meet time and cost objectives. In the future, we anticipate a quicker uptake of cutting-edge technologies like block-chain, big data, ML, autonomous robotics, picking and packing automations, and automated storage and retrieval systems.

Tell us about your expansion plans, especially in tier II and III cities. What has led to this shift?

Consumption centres are already forming in tier II and III cities as a result of the transformation of e-commerce. Government initiatives have boosted storage in tier II and tier III cities. In tier II and III cities, the 3PL providers are combining the needs of e-commerce players.

Cities in Tiers II and III provide more acreage available for full-fledged enterprises and more affordable housing. As the industry leader in expanding its reach to tier II and III cities, IndoSpace recognised the trend early on. Rajpura, Coimbatore, and Sri City are just a few of the tier II and III towns where IndoSpace opened six parks in 2019 and 2020.

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